Hannes Schmidt

Our expert for STREAMING

Hannes Schmidt (c) 25p classes

Hannes Schmidt is an independent cinematographer.

Hannes has worked with multi-camera/live streams since 2008. As a trained “Sound and Image Media Designer” he has spent many years in broadcast vans. His experiences with live broadcasting include music and sport events with 10 cameras, as well as live coverage of press conferences in politics and more. In this capacity he has worked as live editor, cinematographer and technician.

The most important thing he learned while covering big events: Avoid cable chaos! “Without good cable management you can’t handle an event with 300 glas fibre drums.”

At the moment Hannes produces a great number of medium sized live streams for different formats in addition to his work as cinematographer and live cutter at major events (Esport).

Inclusion is a topic that’s very important for Hannes. Which is why he has supported the Accessibility Club Conference (2018) and the Accessibility Club Summit (2019) by planning and running the live streams of the events.

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