Tobias Lindner

Our expert for light design

Tobias is a cinematographer and has worked many years as DoP and gaffer in advertising and documentary formats. As gaffer his nickname on set was Tobi-Too-Tight because his light setups came dangerously close to being visible  in the frame. But he insists that „you sometimes have to do weird things with light to create a natural look“. His experience as a gaffer has greatly influenced his work as cinematographer because lighting is a fundamental aspect of image composition.

Tobi teaches at the art-on-the-run Film School Berlin and at the summer university in Karnitz, which means he doesn’t only know his way around a light, he also knows how to convey this expertise.

Tobias Lindner (l)

A project that’s dear to his heart is the documentary feature Orania. For the production of this project he lived three months at a commune in a South African desert. His commitment was rewarded with many festival awards for the finished movie.

Trailer for „Orania“:

As a documentary filmmaker first and foremost, he likes to travel of course. On horseback in the savanna of Namibia or on the luggage rack of a rickshaw in Hanoi – filming a documentary often means improvising, adapting and trying to create something beautiful with limited resources and a small team.

Tobi also cares about music which becomes obvious in his awarded portrait “The life I love” – The pianist Menahem Pressler. This documentary feature also proves how important it is to stage interviews creatively, because „this is where the bulk of the narrative is confined in a very short time frame“.

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